Thursday, September 24, 2009

To Be Purer in Heart

Our hearts reveal our true character.  Proverbs 3:27 tell us, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."  What does this mean exactly?  Well, I think it pretty much means whatever feelings we have in our heart and our mind - that is what our true character consists of.   Have you ever met somebody that everyone thinks very highly of?  - People feel like this person is genuinely nice and sweet to everybody and some people may say, "Oh that person just has such a good heart."  And that's probably true -  Those people that are nice and kind to everybody have that kindness in their hearts and it is reflective in their actions.  
How many times have you gone to worship God and you're sitting in church singing the song, taking part in the Lord's supper, listening to the sermon - but your heart is not in the worship?  - Your heart is just somewhere else completely?  I can't deny that I myself have been guilty of this... 
This is unacceptable to the Lord.  He doesn't want us to worship with hearts that aren't fully involved.  Anybody can go to a church service and sit there and not listen or participate.  And you know, that person isn't going for God - that person is just going so that other people won't think he/she's fallen away or off doing something else or for some other selfish reason.  
We are so truly truly blessed that we have the privilege to worship God and our hearts should want to do so and be involved.  
Christianity is about having a pure heart.  A heart that thinks or feels no hate.  A heart that feels only love for others and for God.  A heart that longs to worship God and do His will.  A heart that hates sin and the disasters it can cause.   
In Matthew 5:8, Jesus says, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."  Look at that passage again.  Read it over again and again till you can say it back without looking at it and keep that engraved in your mind.  Jesus doesn't say, "For they shall be able to talk to God.."  or "They shall know God..."   He says, "They shall SEE God."  
The thought of being able to see God - to look upon His face - is incredibly amazing.  This is something we cannot miss out on.   
Try and clear your heart of any evil that is in it.  If there is a sin that you keep going back to, get it out of your life completely - right now, it's still there in your heart.  If there's a person you're feeling hate toward - start praying FOR that person - because the hate is building up in your heart.  If there's jealousy in your heart, pray that the Lord will take that away from you so that you're heart can be free from all covetousness.  
Make your heart pure.   If there's anything hindering you from having a pure heart - figure out a way to get it out.  Pray about it, talk about it, etc.  We have to make ourselves pure.  
The Lord wants us to have pure hearts that desire to follow him and do His commandments daily.  And if we do, we will get to see Him one day.   


  1. Ryan, I really appreciate those good thoughts, and helping me see Matt. 5:8 in a different light.

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