Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Standing Up For What's Right

As I was sitting here this evening contemplating about what to write - I really couldn't get my mind off of a situation that I was faced with in the last couple days. This is certainly going to be different than my usual entries, but I thought that somebody could maybe find it encouraging - so here goes...

Recently, I auditioned for the main role in a short film about a guy named Shepard. I ended up getting the part and committing to the role. Over the weekend, there was a table read in which all the cast got together and looked over the script. At the table read I noticed that there were a couple scenes in which my character had to say the words "hell" and "dammit." Obviously I immediately got uncomfortable about what I had gotten myself into.

After I got home from the table read, I felt sick about it and all I kept thinking was, "What do I do about this?" After taking the afternoon to think about it, I decided to email the director. In my email, I expressed my concern about the issue - letting him know that I felt uncomfortable swearing on or off camera. I asked him if it would be possible to just change the few lines that had cursing it in and just go from there.

The director finally got back to me late this evening. His said in his email that he decided to re-cast the role of Shepard. It was definitely not the reaction I expected but immediately I felt a burden lifted from me. Even though he sounded rather disappointed in me, I knew that I had done the right thing. To the world, something like this seems ridiculous - and I'm sure it did to him. But as Christians, things like that need to be a big deal. - they need to be an immediate "red-flag." They need to make us uncomfortable.

Nothing is worth sacrificing our spiritual integrity for...

I hope and pray that my email and my stance on the issue will maybe have some kind of influence on the director and crew - you never know.

I apologize for the different format in tonight's entry, but like I said, maybe it can be an encouragement to somebody.

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  1. yes; it's more of an encouragement than you can imagine. Thank you for holding true to what is right, and what you know is the real you.