Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Will Love My Enemies

When Jesus gave His sermon on the mount, He told us that we need to love our enemies.

The reality is that we all have an enemy(s)... The challenge is to overcome feelings of spite and hatred toward those people. We must be the bigger person. - We have to be "heavenly bound" in an earthly place. We must respond to evil with good.

When it comes to our feelings of anger toward enemies... well, we have to overcome those feelings. We have to counteract them with feelings of love and good will.

3 Things that we should think about when we need help loving our enemy;

- Remember the example of Jesus and how He treated His enemies.

- Keep difficulties in perspective and pray about them.

- Refuse to allow OTHERS to control YOU.

If you have an "enemy" in your life, pray that God will help you overcome that trial and help you love that person.

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