Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is our Potential?

What percentage of your spiritual potential would you say that you're using? Would you say you're using 100% of it? 50% of it? Or maybe only 10 or 15 % of it...?

God has made us all to have incredible spiritual potential. Though we may not all be born to be Gospel preachers, He still wants us to evangelize - and He has given us the talents and abilities to do that. But sometimes we get in this habit of saying, "That's not really my job... I'll leave that up to somebody else..." And those are the times we're only displaying 10 or 15 % of our spiritual potential.

Using 100 % of your spiritual potential is to be constantly searching for souls as well as ways you can tell those people about the wonderful Gospel. Using your spiritual potential means participating in worship services, it means visiting those who are sick, it means calling those who are spiritually failing, it means exercising forgiveness when a brother or a stranger wrongs you.

How much potential do you feel you have? How much of that potential do you feel you're using? How can YOU exercise more of it?

Don't let your spiritual potential go to waste. Let's start using it more!

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